Knowledge is power

Knowledge is power

No matter what you’re selling, promoting, offering, providing… call as you please, but in the end, it’s always about the client. It’s essential to know if the client is happy and there’s no better way of knowing that other than just asking for their opinion.
A survey has obvious advantages, being a tool that opens a communication channel for clients, enabling them to provide feedback about the remote support (mainly positive, everyone hopes). So, when you are using a remote support solution, the best time to ask for the client’s feedback will be during a remote support session or even immediately after it ends. It’s important to strike when the events are still fresh and the customer is more willing to reply a small number of questions (because you did a great job assisting him, and he’s so grateful).

BeAnywhere enables the composition of the actual survey, through the Admin Area. Just think and write the questions you see fit and define the type of answer: from 1 to 5, Free Text, Yes or No and pre-defined answers. Through this features technicians can create as many customize surveys as necessary, in an easy and simple way.

In summary: the main goal of this functionality is to give valuable feedback from remote support clients with the objective to help technicians in the future. And the surveys can also be sent to technicians, helping managers to keep the business running as smoothly as possible.

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