Kiosk Mode

Kiosk Mode

BeAnywhere Support Express comes to you this month with a brand new treat for the whole team: a Dashboard that gives your helpdesk a live overview over their performance and allows you to deliver an optimized service to customers. After all, you wouldn’t know how fast (or slow) you’re driving without the speedometer, right? Work together and sort out how fast you’re going, how fast you should go, what’s damaging your performance and what can be done to fix it through this one centralized dada feed.
To access Support Express’s own Kiosk Mode, login to you Admin Area (through our website or through the Console) and go to “Reports”. Next, click on “Running Sessions” and access the area where the information regarding techs and their activity is displayed.

Now look to the right upper corner of the screen and click on “Kiosk Mode”, to unveil a tech support performance Dashboard Heaven.
It calls for absolutely no configuration or set up. However, personalize which values you would like to see exposed on this global performance view, by clicking on the sprocket wheel at your left hand side and un/checking the boxes according to the value they represent. Also, set the dashboard for specific departments by clicking on the “Select Department” drop down box.

The “Pending/Active Support Requests” graphic exhibits the correlation between the amount of remote access sessions being answered and the pending ones. The vertical value gives us the amount of active/pending sessions, while the horizontal one creates a real-time line laps for on-the-spot tech support performance evaluation.

Below the graphic you’ll find live information for the main helpdesk performance indicators:

“Pending”: Amount of sessions that are currently waiting for support;
“Active”: Amount of clients currently in session;
“Active Techs”: Amount of techs currently providing support sessions;
“Techs”: Amount of techs logged in.

Keep looking to the bottom of the screen and find out exactly which techs are online and which ones are currently in a session.

In order to make sure that everything is flowing as it should, look to the right of the screen and discover a live, chronologically sorted feed of the requests waiting for being answered, from the one which is waiting the longest to the one that arrived last.

At its right, sporting the same blue as the “Active Techs” value, you’ll find another live feed. As its color indicates, this feed displays the sessions that are currently being answered, again in a chronological order.

In both feeds you’ll see a “queue” indication, regarding the department connected to the request/session. Additionally, find out exactly for how long the clients have been waiting or for how long they’re in session, by looking at the right corner value inside each box.

Now it’s up to you: control the speed at which your helpdesk drives and eliminate irrelevant performance perpetrators. Drive a cost friendly environment and a productivity optimized vehicle.

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