InSight Lite Module – Running Scripts

InSight Lite Module – Running Scripts

If you’re a BeAnywhere Support Express user, you can also use basic monitoring features from inSight Lite module. You just need an active license in a remote machine.
1 – First you need to activate the monitoring feature in the remote device. Go to Admin Area > Management > My Computers > 1. Computers List.base_insightmod_en_1

2 – Afterwards, select a computer and enable the option “Activate monitoring” in the General tab. Press “SAVE” when done.


3 – Go to Management > Scripts > 1. Repository and click “Add Script”.


4 – Set the name of the Script, a little description an enable it as active. Afterwards press “Add Script”.


5 – This is a simple script, so we enable in as “Explicit”. In the type we choose “bat” and press “Save”.


6 – Go to Management > Scripts Deployment > 1. Basic Setup.


7 – You can set the implementation task hour as well as the end of the execution.


8 – Choose the user and the execution permissions.


9 – You can register only the execution or be notified by email. You can also enable the transferred files to be removed after the execution of the script.


10 – In “Select Script”, choose which Script will be running and press “Select Computers”.


11 – Now you just need to select the computers where you want to run the scripts and press “Run Script”.


12 – If you want to execute another script, press YES, otherwise press NO.


13 – To check if the execution is OK, go to Reports > Script Jobs.


14 – Select the task. Here you can see the number of PCs where the task has been initiated and completed, as well as the errors of the execution in each machine where the script has been running.


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