Insight Lite Module – Audits

Insight Lite Module – Audits

With the monitoring module InSight Lite you can audit any device, thus accessing a day-to-day basis information about any of them. To enable Auditing the devices should have the monitoring option active.
Here’s how to proceed:

1 – To activate the monitoring option in a remote device go to the Administration Area > Management > My Computers > 1. Computers, click on the computer you wish to select and check the “Enable Monitoring” option in the General tab.


2 – Now access the Audit Menu. Go to Reports and press Audit Devices.


3 – After that, press 1. Select Computers and choose which devices to audit.


4 – When you’re happy with the choice, just press Audit on the bottom.


5 – On the popped-up menu choose the type of Audit you want to execute. Afterwards, write the e-mail in the correct field and press Generate. In a few moments, you will receive all the information in your e-mail inbox.


Carlos Ataíde, Customer Success Specialist


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