In Session – View Menu

In Session – View Menu

Support Express is a support software with several options, so that you can have available the necessary tools to resolve any issue. Learn several options that will help you when connecting to a computer with a weak connection signal.

1 – In the session visualizer, select the “View” menu.


2 – Now press “Size”.


3 – You can adapt the size of the remote desktop.


4 – Now we’ll go to the “Color” menu and expand it.


5 – You can choose different color schemes with low quality to improve the connection speed.


6 – Now we’ll go to the menu “Optimize for”.


7 – It depends on the remote computer connection, but you can adpat it to the capacity of every type of network.


8 – If you press “View Only”, the local side of the session will be blocked. Specially usefull when your client needs to show you something and don’t want you to obstruct.


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