How to: Using Wake-On-Lan

How to: Using Wake-On-Lan

Your computer is in the office “sleeping”, and now you need to close this month’s payments… No problem, BeAnywhere works that out for you: the new wake-On-Lan feature allows you to wake any computer remotely. For that, you’ll need one of your network’s computers to be connected to the Internet with all of BeAnywhere’s components updated.

First, make sure that it meets these criteria:

  • The Computer is connected to an energy source and has an Ethernet connection.
  • The remote and local machines support Wake-On-Lan.
1- Update the Tech Console and Agent of the remote machines

Latest Console Version


Agent Updater 

2 – Activate Wake-On-Lan in the Network Adapter

  1. Right-click on the “Computer” folder and next on “Properties”.
  2. At the left of the Window, click on “Device Manager”.
  3. Find the sub-menu “Network Adapter” and right-click the correspondent adapter and select “Properties”.
  4. Go to the “Advanced” tab and enable the “Reactivation by Magic Packet” or “Wake-up on ARP/PING” (In other Windows versions, this option might be available in the energy management tab).
Wake-on-lan_Remote Access_4

3 – Activate feature in BIOS

The procedure might change according to each machine, being that you might have several names for the same thing. In the majority of them the option will be available in the “Energy Management” tab of the BIOS.

Possible names:

  • Wake Up by PCI Card
  • Wake on Lan
  • Remote Wake Up
  • Remote Wake on Lan
  • Power On by PCI Card
Wake-on-lan_bios Wake-on-lan_Remote Access_5

Now all you have to do is wake-up the machine from the console!

Wake-on-lan_Remote Access_1 Wake-on-lan_Remote Access_2 Wake-on-lan_Remote Access_3
Remember that BeAnywhere’s support will be available at all times for whatever questions you might have!

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