How to use Calling Cards

How to use Calling Cards

With Support Express you have the possibility to create Calling Cards that can be used to send to your clients and have even more granularity in the support requests.

1 – Go to the Administration Area and press “Management > Calling Cards”.

2 – Select the Calling Cards group.

3 – Now press Generate/Edit.

4 – Choose the duration, expiration date, code numbers that you want to create and press Generate. You’ve just created new codes.

5 – You can also go to the Technical Console and generate a code from there. Press “New Calling Card” and then Generate.

6 – The generated code can now be used in

7 – After generating the codes in the Console you should go to the Administration Area and edit the created code, in case you wish to change the expiration date or other necessary configuration. For that, select the code and press Edit.

8 – Enable the options that you want and press “Save”. If you want to cancel the code, just need to press “Revoke”.

If you have any doubts check our Video Tutorial. And as you know, our support team is always available to clarify any queries:


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