How To: Remote Support Software Integration II

How To: Remote Support Software Integration II

Today we’ll address the second part of Support Express’s Integration options tutorial. Discover the ability to integrate your technical support services with your website, either through PIN codes or direct links to applet downloads. Discover also how to use the Web Chat tool that allows customers to directly contact specific technicians
1. Go to “Profile > Integration”:
2. Then click on “4. Exclusive Link”.Customize the name of the exclusive link that will be shown to your clients, as well as the direct applet download URL. Don’t forget to save the changes made:


3. Still in the “Integration” area, go to “6. Webchat”:

Now choose the technician and the language you wish to use. Next, copy the URL that will be presented and add it to you website. Clicking it will open a new webpage (see image) so that your clients can reach the chosen technician, as long as he/she is connected to the tech console.


All the client needs to do is set a name, an e-mail and problem description. After click on “Start Chat” so that the request is sent to the console. Just like in regular remote support requests, the tech will be able to immediately accept the request, through the pop-up message that shows up on his/her screen, or answer it later, through the chat menu on the tech console.

4. Setting up the Chat Window.

You can also personalize the look and feel of the chat windows, by inserting the CSS code to the correspondent white box, in the “Integration>1. Setup the Web Chat window” location. When activating the “I want to use a customized style sheet for my chat window (replace the CSS code below)” option you’ll receive a notification letting you know that this action requires BeAnywhere’s approval in order for it to be complete.


This happens due to security concerns and the need to verify any changes to the code, assuring that they will not temper with the solution’s integrity. After the code is approved you’ll be able to use it as you please.

Don’t lose further integration instructions. Until then, thank you for using the best Remote Support tool of the Market – BeAnywhere Support Express.

Carlos Ataíde
Customer Success Specialist

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