How To: Remote Support Software Integration I

How To: Remote Support Software Integration I

BeAnywhere integrates some APIs in the Administration Area, so that it is possible to automatize certain processes and tasks. This way, you can use the integrations to start support requests directly from your Website and or/ CRM.
1. Go to “Profile > Integration”
2. Website Integration – Personalized Support ButtonCreate a support button on your Webpage with a customized imagem. Just use the given piece of code to insert your image URL in the highlighted areas, as you can see in the image.remote_support_software_integration_2
3. New Session API

BeAnywhere Allows You to use this API to start new sessions without using the console. This way you’ll be able to automatize this process straight from your website or CRM software. This feature uses BeAnywhere’s Webservice, that interprets parameter sent to the service and generates a support ticket, that will be sent to the technician console or specified department.

The webservice upholds a few restrictions as to the number of character used. Click hereto take a look at all the restrictions.
IMPORTANT: To use this integration you’ll need a Unique ID specific for each account, available for consultation on “3. New Session API” (picture above).

Don’t miss the second part of the Integration tutorials on the next few weeks. For any additional doubts, remember this e-mail: – anytime, anywhere.

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