How to: Register a PC during an Applet Session

How to: Register a PC during an Applet Session

You’ve preformed a remote support session using an Applet and now you would like to register that same accessed computer on you company’s PC list: “I really don’t feel like sending another link to the client…”. As a Support Tech you know that every client means growth and business continuity for the company. To reach those goals you need him/her to get an excellence service with no setbacks.

One of BeAnywhere’s premises is to make it easier for those who provide tech support so that they can focus on what matters the most: solving clients’ problems. Today we’ll learn how to register a computer during an Applet Session, without making the client feel pressured or invaded.

1. Start a Remote Session using an Applet. 2. In the Remote Desktop, click on Computer: Add PC to My Computers list.
remote_support_1 remote_support_2
3. Choose the name you wish for this machine and click OK. 4. Then, you’ll be shown a Set up Window, where you’ll have the chance to add a description to that machine.
remote_support_3 remote_support_4
5. Also, you can set some security option right away or leave it for later on. 6. Done! Now you’ll have this computer available on your Computers’ List! As easy as it gets.
remote_support_5 remote_support_6

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