How to obtain the MSI BASE installer

How to obtain the MSI BASE installer

Support Express is a software very adaptable that allows you to install components in several ways. Today we’ll show you how to generate an MSI installer to distribute the BeAnywhere Agent via Windows Active Directory.

1 – First you’ll need to activate two options in the Admin Area. Press Profile > Agent Configuration.


2 – Activate the two following options and save the changes.


3 – Now go to the Console and press the My Computers tab.


4 – Press “ADD COMPUTER”.


5 – Enter a name, choose the number of machines and press GENERATE LINK.


6 – Now click in EMAIL to launch a predefined email client.


7 – Copy the selected code and paste it next to the = sign and then save it. You’ll need it further.


8 – For example , in Notepad , type the URL below and after the = sign , add the IID code previously saved


9 – Copy the URL to the browser and press ENTER.


10 – Download will begin. Now you just need to distribute the MSI installer.


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