How To: Increasing your Support Department Security

How To: Increasing your Support Department Security

When talking about Remote Access, we all know that security takes the front stage of the conversation as the main character.  To prevent common security errors, BeAnywhere is constantly working on ways of keeping you safe and reducing human error originated problems that can reach high magnitude scales.
Given that today is the Support Technician Day, we wanted to help make such a high-responsibility job safer and take of the pressure that these professionals carry every day.  That is why today we’re talking about Two-Factor Autentication:

1. In the Admin Area go to “Management>Technicians” and choose the technician on which you wish to enable this option. Then just click “Use Two Factor Authentication”.


2. Make sure you keep the red recovery code (3), it will be necessary to revert the process. If you have already have an authenticator installed in your mobile device just read the QR code. Then click on the lower check-box and click “Activate”.


3. Now just proceed to Login as you usually do in the Tech Console. When introducing the credentials you’ll receive a request for the security code generated by the Authentication App. After inserting this code, click on “Login” and there you go!


Keep up the good work when fixing the World, and remember:  expect the unexpected!

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