How to: Customizing Agent Settings

How to: Customizing Agent Settings

Different individuals have different needs, much like any computer that can (and should) have its own remote access configurations, in order to make life easier for support techs. And that is why this possibility was added to Support Express, whether we’re talking about Agents already installed or up for installation.
Default Admin Area Agent Settings:

1. Click on “Profile> Agent Settings”:

2. Enable the default settings and click “Save”:


3. Choose the settings according to your needs, as well as the remote access Agent’s security specifications and click on “Save”:


Now these will be your default setting for any new Agent installation. This process can also be done individually for any installed Agent:

Installed Agent Settings

1. Click on the Agent’s icon and open the Configuration Window:


2. Click on the locker icon to allow changes to the Agent:


3. Clic on “settings” and/or “Security” :


4. Decide what needs to be changed and click on “Apply”:


These remotely made changes will only be applied in the next remote connection. Now, you can attend to each customer’s needs with the individuality and attention they deserve. And you know that you can count on me or on our support team for whatever doubts may come up (

Carlos Ataíde
Customer Success Specialist


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