How To: Creating Weekly Profiles

How To: Creating Weekly Profiles

We all know that having a Tech Support Department opened 24/7 is somewhat a Tech World Utopia. There are times of the week when, for whatever reason, one just cannot answer that one call. Today we’ll show you how to set weekly profiles for the hours when your Support Department is not taking any calls.
1. Click on “Management > Warnings > Weekly Profile”

2. Name the profile; choose the time period, the Time Zone and the days.


3. Write the URL that will be shown to the client and decide in which situations it will be presented.


4. Save the changes.


5. When executing the Applet, the clients will no longer just wait eternally for support. Instead they will be shown the URL you’ve chosen.

This way, you can assure that your customers know when to call or why they’re not being answered, avoiding uncomfortable situations.

Carlos Ataíde
Customer Success Specialist


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