How to: Creating BASE Email Templates

How to: Creating BASE Email Templates

Support Express allows you to customize several Email template options. When sending the information to your customers, you may have all the elements you wish previously integrated in the email, allowing for the detailed and precise information sharing.
On the Admin Area, click on “Profile” and “E-mail Templates”.

1. Installation Link (BeAnywhere Agent)
When sending the installation link by e-mail to a customer, you’ll get the chance to configure the e-mail template you’re sending. Besides the installation link, you can add the name of the technician who sent the information automatically. For that just add the tag <#tech_name#> to the message’s body:remote_support_mail_2

2. Support Link (Applet Session)
When sending the e-mail with all the information necessary to start a remote support session, you can use the tag correspondent to: “BeAnywhere Applet download link, Name of the technician sending the message, Name of the Helpdesk Center”.


3. Session Report (after the session has ended)
When finishing a remote support call, you can send the customer a report regarding all the information of the session. Establish if the e-mail should be sent automatically (it will always be sent to all the customers) or manually (you choose to whom it will be sent). It also supports several tags that include data from the session, such as: date, hour, duration, etc.


Don’t forget that you can add text to the e-mail at any time and make your own customized messages!

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