How to: Creating an End-User

How to: Creating an End-User

Anyone who has worked as a support tech has met the client that’s constantly forgetting something. As soon as they step through the door: “Shoot… I forgot that really really really important document”.

When despair sets in guess who’s phone starts ringing: Yes, that’s your Star Wars ringtone.
Since our job at BeAnywhere is to create solutions, that’s what we came here to present you with: a solution not only for you but for your client also. Create an End-User profile following these simple steps and in a matter of minutes you will not only have a happy customer, but a more independent one also.1. Start by creating a technician profile in your Admin Area (or use an existing one). In the “Identification” tab select the option “User is a Client”.

2. In the tab “Computers”, click on the “Add Computers” button and select the computers you wish this End-User has access to. Save the changes and there you go, your client’s drama is over and he/she’ll be able to access his/her machines at any time!

3. Now, direct your client to All he needs to do is hit the Login button on the upper right corner of the Home Page, select the “User” mode and insert his/her credentials.


4. On his/her first remote access attempt, he/she will have to install BeAnywhere’s extension on the browser. Just on click on the “Install Extension” and your client is ready to access his/her machines in no time!

Save time and money, connect from anywhere!

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