How to create a ticket

How to create a ticket

Any client with the BeAnywhere Agent installed on his computer is obviously able to require remote support assistance at any time. But there’s something else only them can do: generate a support ticket.
The support tickets are basically a tool built for clients, but technicians can customize how these are presented to customers. The ticket form can be customized in the Admin Area, through the Management tab. In this section, technicians can define the text that will be showed at the top of the ticket form, maybe using it to explain what the client should do next: the standard procedure is just to fill out three text boxes with his name (this one is mandatory), e-mail and problem description.

It is also possible to add up to ten customized questions. The answers to these questions should simplify your diagnosis. After inserting a new question, the technician can define the type of answer: from 1 to 5, Free Text, Yes or No and “List of Choices” (predetermined choices).

The client also can rely on an Upload Button that allows the upload of any useful screenshot, maybe showing the error that is causing the problem. Finally, the client just needs to press the Create Ticket button and wait for some help. Hopefully not wait for long…

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