How to configure an FTP connection

How to configure an FTP connection

Did you remember the last time you really wanted to transfer a file and you had no way to do it? Well, FTP, also known as File Transfer Protocol, can be the answer to your prayers.
File Transfer Protocol is frequently used to transfer files from one host to another through the Internet. It’s also used to upload documents and web pages from a private workstation to a public web-hosting server.

Naturally, it requires a number of ports to connect with clients; those ports need to be identified in the server, both for control and for data connection. First of all, you need to ensure that your FTP client is running on Passive Mode and then you are able to setup each part manually on the BASE console, or you just need to use a port-range.

If you want to transfer a file by FTP you can have pretty sure that it provides a lot of flexibility, independence and ensure security in every connection.

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