Get your tickets here!

Get your tickets here!

Provide a support service available 24/7, even when your technicians aren’t momentarily ready to attend a customer.
Any computer with BeAnywhere Support Express installed, not only can, obviously, request for immediate remote support assistance, but can also create a deferred support ticket that will later be dealt with by the support team.

A support ticket form can be customized through the Admin Area, in the Management tab under the name Tickets, where it is possible to setup the form as desired. IT Support technicians can define the introductory text that will be used on the ticket creation form plus selecting the presenting language. It is also possible to add up to ten customized questions that can be added to the Ticket creation form. When placing a new question, it is possible to define the type of answers from 1 to 5, Free Text, Yes or No and predefine a list of possible choices from which the client should pick an answer.

In order to create a Ticket, the client can access his personal BASE agent and select the Support Tickets button. The first window that is presented to the client is the Ticket form, previously created by the IT Support technician. However, the filling of the form is not mandatory. The customer who decides to do so, simply needs to fill out the three text boxes with his name, email and problem description. It is also possible to attach files that will be linked to the ticket, for instance screenshots showing the error. Once the filling is completed, the customer must press the Create Ticket button to send the ticket to a technician. In case the customer desires to access all of the tickets history, he may do so in the History tab. By clicking on any Ticket, he will have access to detailed information, such as Number, Email, Agent name, etc. He may also see the Custom Answers, in case the ticket form includes any attached files. It should be noted that the problem description can be edited. This is a very useful feature that enables the customer to update his status.

In the Reports tab, the IT Support technician may access a list of tickets associated with his account and check for more information. To find the desired ticket, one can always use the Search button. It is also important to mention that the attachments from the closed tickets will be deleted after a month.


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