From Colombia to Italy

From Colombia to Italy

A few posts ago, my colleague Marco Paulo Tomé told you about his experience with the Columbian market. He told you about the reality of contacting potential customers and customers from that exotic land, while he dreams about visiting Columbia and enjoy the endless attractions of the county.
Today I will tell you about my experience in Italy. Probably one of the western European countries with more history, Italy is full of surprises. I spent a semester of my academic life there, in a small but very beautiful city called Pisa. I walked by streets full of history, I stared at sculpture figures that are still the main characters of more than one thousand tales and I walked through these happy, nice and very welcoming people.

And this is how I still look at them. But this time, not as friends, University colleagues or simply strangers, but as customers and, most of all, partners. Recently BeAnywhere arrived to “the Eternal City”… and it’s there to stay! At first it was not easy to break into the Italian market and establish our business there but now we have conquered their trust on BeAnywhere Support Express functionalities and potential. And more than that, we now have a partner willing to spread the word in the market. I can already see that BASE is going to become the new big religion for remote support in Italy (and I will be the Pope!).

Now on a more serious note… the Italian case (just like the Colombian one) it’s perfect to confirm that BeAnywhere is able to conquer everyone, everywhere. We have reached the corners of the world and we are able to speak in more and more languages. And this enriches our experience as a whole. Not only can the clients win from joining BeAnywhere but also we win for taking them as true partners in this hard but always successful journey. It is successful because the essence of our partnerships relies on sharing experiences daily with our customers all over the world. Therefore we become more flexible, able to take risks and adaptable to change. We become stronger. And the world belongs to the strongest and daring people!

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