Facebook | Ads Beyond the Horizon

Facebook | Ads Beyond the Horizon

When traveling on its own, original and quality content goes as far as the horizon. To reach the “Beyond” we need to carry it, to give it some strategic pushes, like with the help of Facebook Ads.
Reach New Ports, Piracy Free
Each day we try to become more and more accessible, so that those who may be looking to find us, really do. After all, we can’t afford to lose likes, shares, followers, fans, reach, visits, engagement… each one, within its dimension and nature, adds value to our business. But organic results often meet an invisible wall that blocks the content, keeping it from moving forward and naturally flowing, thus falling behind its potential. We didn’t go pass the horizon, but going back is not a choice. So there comes the time to blow a bit of artificial wind into it, so that the message goes far and beyond, still keeping it away from dirty tricks.No one likes spam, not even marketers, and I’ve always taken Confucius words very personally: “Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you”. Not to mention that it is absolutely counterproductive to hand in quality content into spammy distribution tactics. That”s why we find the need to take advantage of one of the most legitimate advertising platforms of our time: Social Media Ads.

We’re only interested in who’s interested
Truth be told, spam is annoying and even quality publicity can get on some people’s nerves. But since a long time now, targeting options like the ones Facebook Ads give us are breaking apart from conventional targeting tactics. The user information gathered creates the opportunity to aim the product to a specific niche of interest, enhancing the odds of reaching only those who are interested in knowing that the product exists.

After all, the consumer would be the biggest looser if all the publicity in the world just vanished: the ability to make an informed decision between existing products would diminish, as well as brand competitively and all the benefits it upholds. However, the majority of mail boxes still reads “no junk mail”.

By creating your facebook page and gradually adding likess and interests, you’re taking a stand, making an opinion. You’re stating what you like and what you don’t like. Facebook registers all this data and presents you with the ads that meet your virtual profile. This way, marketing departments’ efforts reach only those who were meant to be reached. And that decision was indirectly left to the audience.

In a nutshell, why should we break into a Grandma’s house, who’s looking for knitting tips, when we can take BeAnywhere Support Express directly to the computer of the technician who’s not happy with his current remote support solution?

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