Export Sessions List

Export Sessions List

Support Express is an advanced and complete remote tool and allows you to export the information for future use. Learn how to export the sessions list, using the Admin Area.
1 – Go to Reports and press Session History.

2 – Here you’ll find a complete list of the sessions done. Press the SEARCH button.

3 – You can set the search details, like date, technician, etc. Press SEARCH when done.

4 – With the search filter active, press EXPORT.

5 – After clicking in Export, you’ll be notified if you want to include the Chat information within the file to export. Click YES or NO and then the download will begin.

6 – The exported file will be in the .xls format and you can open it with Microsoft Excel. The file has all the session information available since the session ID till the notes

that were introduced during the support. Then, you’ll be able to do all the kind of data treatment that you want. BeAnywhere allows you to do all you want and you can maximize its fully potential.

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