Different markets, different Challenges

Different markets, different Challenges

From the US, to France, from Brazil to Norway – each country upholds individual specifications and competitive strengths. This uniqueness must not be overlooked, hence the need for different strategies according to different markets, with no resource to methodology “recycling”.
Today’s Business World has brought countries and, consequently, their internal markets closer, creating a stronger sense of interdependence. However, markets can’t help but preserve several very specific characteristics that fallow each region’s culture or national history.

Why Create a Partner Program?

In that sense, the introduction and integration of partners focused on specific national markets arises as a primary business need: they are the ones who know inside out the structure of the market; understand general company and personal profiles who build it and the language through which they communicate.

“Language” is not just a complex set of communication systems used to interact with clients and others. It is more, much more than that: despite the fact that one can’t overlook the preeminent existence of Universal Languages, it would be wrong to discard the importance of a national approach, not to mention the existence of a Business focused language.

Learn To Speak All Languages
So partners are blessed with the useful advantage of being “polyglots”: they speak our language, the client’s language and, more importantly, the market’s language. They are the ones who shape the product according to their needs, the market needs and what’s best for the client. In S. Paulo it means one thing, but in Paris it’s a whole different talk.

BeAnywhere’s partners aren’t just collaborating with a software provider, but with a true business partner, who understands the challenges and strengthens your market exploration confidence. We don’t just handout the software, we contribute to marketing campaigns, back them up in any customer support needs and facilitate the contact between the client and the partner.

BeAnywhere is a company focused on facilitation remote interventions and remote assistance. However, we wish to be closer to the client. BeAnywhere partners play not only a fundamental part, but a valued and encouraged one.

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