Customization of the Initial Viewer Screen

Customization of the Initial Viewer Screen

The rut and task repetition associated to our work – support technicians –  can lead to the accumulation of high levels of frustration despite the lack of importance that these tasks seem to have… In Support Express, for example, every time you open the Viewer to perform a remote support session, the initial screen will display the “General” tab by default.
It makes sense that this tab is the initial screen for the Viewer given that the technician will be able to set a description for the machine and the problem in hands, especially if this is the first time accessing a certain machine. However, this need varies according to each tech and client, what leads to situations where it would be much more convenient for the Viewer – as soon as it opens – to display the “Remote Desktop” tab ready to use and, therefore, solve any problem right away.

We acknowledge customization as one of our software’s main assets, so being that today we’ll show you how to choose your initial Viewer session tab:

1. Start a Remote Session:


2. Right-click on the Viewer’s Header Menu:


3. Choose the tab that you wish to set as the default Viewer start screen. For these example we’ll choose the “Remote Desktop” tab:


And that’s it! Now the Remote Desktop will be the first thing you’ll see when starting a remote support session.

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