Create an End-User (updated)

Create an End-User (updated)

Sometimes you’re at home and you need to send an important document from your office. Create a end user profile so your client can have access to the office’s computer.

1 – In the Administration Area, click in a technician and in identification choose the option “This user is a client” and save the changes.


2 – In the “Computers” tab, press “Add” and choose the computers you want to give access. Save the changes.


3 – Now go to . Click “Enter” and choose End User.

4 – Introduce the End User credentials and press “Login”.

5 – To access remotely to the machines, first you need to install a support extension. Press “install extension”.

6 – Save and execute the installer. When finished, you can access the computer.

7 – Press Connect.

8 – A session visualizer will be launched. You can access to the remote desktop and transfer files, giving your clients a numerous possibilities.

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