Click and Go!

Click and Go!

Starting a remote support session is easy, fast and secure. Learn the procedures that better suit your business standards and meet your clients demands.
Whenever a customer desires to start a remote support session, the IT Support technician can easily generate a PIN Code and rapidly present it to the customer. Each of these codes has a twelve hour validation period, so the client is able to launch a request at his convenience. To access the Generate a PIN Code option, the tech only needs to click the Start New Session button, presented in the Console. By simply clicking in the six number string, the code will be automatically copied to the clipboard. Then it can be sent whether by email or by other ways you may find suitable. Direct the customer to and ask him to enter the valid PIN Code in the provided text box and the remote support request will be automatically sent. As simple as that.

However, although the PIN Code is possibly the most immediate and easy way to start a remote support session, BeAnywhere offers a number of other alternative ways. A different option, very similar to the PIN Code, is the Support Link. To start a session, you only need to copy the Support Link from the console interface and provide it to the customer. Subsequently, the customer only has to follow the link provided, to initiate the simple procedures needed to participate in a remote session.

Users can also take advantage of the Get Support button, integrated within any of your websites or applications, enabling customers to send a support request with a simple click. Another way to start a session is when the IT Support technician generates a download link from which the customer will initiate the download of a Calling Card. From that moment on, the customer only has to follow the link and install the application on his computer. Every time the customer needs to send a support request, the only thing that is left to do is to click on the icon placed on the customers computer. The Calling Card can be used and reused at any time, can be negotiated prior to the actual support session and can even adjust itself to special occasions, like promotions. And the list of possibilities could go on. We will leave those for another post.

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