Christmas? That goes in the Naughty List

Christmas? That goes in the Naughty List

Christmas reversed reads Samtsirhc. This makes the whole “figuring out the true meaning of the season” pretty obvious, doesn’t it? The answer was there the entire time! Also – and I bet that, by now, each of you has already figured this out – if one scrambles the letters from Christmas, one gets “It’s March”. So why do we celebrate it in December?? It’s all a lie, man!

OK, there’s an “S” missing in that anagram. So close… Forget about it, then.

Yes, you’re right: Christmas times are weird times for marketers. Suddenly, all content needs to lit up like Christmas trees do and chant like carol singers do and shine like Christmas balls do… This is the time of the year when brands sit on the lap of Santa and ask for more clients. Every word, every sentence, every image, needs to be wrapped in Christmas Spirit – notice how I used “wrapped”, just like one does to presents. So I’m writing about how Christmas limits copywriters creativity but still found a way to use Christmas innuendo. This is brilliant stuff right here…

But even better than innuendo, even better than saying “Ho! Ho! Ho!” like the old man in beard and red clothes does, is actually becoming the old man in beard and red clothes. Yes, you too heard the story about Coca-Cola fabricating this jolly old Santa to whom we all leave milk and cookies on Christmas Eve. And they even painted his clothes red because that’s their color and so on and so forth. Well, that story is not exactly true. But who cares, right? Marketing has already turned its wheels of persuasion and Coca-Cola became Christmas. And that’s what its all about.

Fun Fact 1: Santa’s modern figure was modeled after a salesman. Coincidence?
Fun Fact 2: Coca-Cola really did conceive from scratch a Christmas character. He was named Sprite Boy (the guy in the image, yes) and featured in commercials during the 1940’s. Twenty years later, Sprite (the beverage) was launched by The Coca-Cola company. Coincidence?

And now that you read all of the above, you’re thinking “what does any of this has to do with BeAnywhere or Remote Support?” Nothing, I say, but allow me to anticipate what will happen the moment you’re faced with an awkward silence:

Social You: So… Did you know that Coca-Cola invented a figure named Sprite and tried to pose him as Santa’s best friend?!
Wary Friend: What? I don’t believe it!
Assertive You: It’s true!
Still Wary Friend: Who told you that?
Confident You: I read it in the BeAnywhere blog, where I read all about Remote Support solutions written by the actual people who produce it and sell it and promote it!
Convinced Friend: Why didn’t you say so already!? I’ll go and check it out myself! And thank you so much for creating an association in my mind between Christmas and that funny Sprite story, and consequently between that story and BeAnywhere!
Happy You: Don’t mention it!

Still doubting the power of Christmas Marketing?

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