Chat between Technicians

Chat between Technicians

Today we’ll discover the Technician Chat, one of the several features from the Console that you use everyday to give support.

1 -To open the Chat window, go to Console and press “Chat”.

2 – Now go to the Chat main page. Press the marked icon.


3 – You can change your visible state for the Console logged technicians, choosing one of the available states.


4 – You can also change your visible stat for the users that started conversation with you via WebChat.


5 – Now press in the “Technicians” tab.


6 – Select a technician and click with the right mouse button. Then click on Start Chat with Tech.


7 – Now you can start talking with the chosen tech. Ask questions or share information’s in a simple and efficient way.


8 – If you want you can start a conversation via VoIP clicking in the selected option.


9 – The technician will be notified and he just needs to ACCEPT.


10 – Whenever you want, you just need to press END CALL so that the VoIP conversation ends.


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