Case Study Pcmedic

Case Study Pcmedic

BeAnywhere Support Express is a remote support solution chosen by the technical support services of Pcmedic.
Pcmedic, the biggest IT service company in Portugal, has chosen BeAnywhere Support Express as the perfect tool for their main area of intervention: the technical support for final, domestic or business users.

In an infrastructure with over a hundred technicians and true to the company’s efficiency, availability and customer care philosophy, BeAnywhere Support Express features guarantee a perfect fit in the pcmedic’s approach: “available to anyone, anytime, anywhere.”

Only in 2010, pc medic provided more than 500,000 support sessions, a number that demands flexibility, speed and effectiveness, characteristics shared by a solution that prides itself on being the fastest on the market (via a proprietary P2P technology, the BeAnywhere Support Express features the industry’s fastest performance, being up to 30% faster than any other remote access solution).

The customer on the other side of the pcmedic telephone line – or customers, since there are no limits to the amount of simultaneous sessions provided – merely need to enter a PIN code supplied by the technician and, in milliseconds, the connection between both is established.

Paulo Pinto, pcmedic’s Comercial Manager, has no doubts about BASE influence: “BeAnywhere’s solution is now indispensable to the services we provide, significantly shortening the time of intervention.”

“We already knew BeAnywhere services and kept on tracking the improvements made over time in the application,” adds Paulo Pinto, reflecting on how the philosophy of continuous progress in BeAnywhere translates into an asset for any company practice: the purchase of any license ensures not only the subscription of a product but a true “software-as-a-service” in constant growth (technological upgrades launched in biweekly intervals do not represent any additional cost to users). Equally, the wide range of management tools also became a strong ally of pcmedic’s functional dynamics – “the integration with the other services is perfect,”states the manager.

With BeAnywhere it’s possible to create an unlimited number of technicians and departments, with different profiles and granular permissions applied to the level of the computer, check real-time information about the sessions being held, consult the workload of each technician and the number of orders not responded, or enjoy Business Intelligence tools able to offer any administrator the full picture about the company’s overall performance and efficiency. “When talking about system administration, BeAnywhere shows to be very simple and intuitive,” continues Paulo Pinto. Two adjectives – simple and intuitive – that repeat itself when it comes to describe BeAnywhere as a remote support tool – “The use of the application appears to be, once again, simple and intuitive”. Statements that define the ability of BeAnywhere Support Express to connect to any network (regardless of the firewall or settings applied on the remote machine) and the powerful diagnostic tools provided (i.e. the System Info tab, which provides the technician detailed data about the client’s computer: available resources, running programs, installed software, access to Event Viewer logs …).

“Regarding the support services, both technical and commercial, BeAnywhere has always revealed high availability, ability to deliver solutions and all the appropriate responses to our specific needs.” A special attention, described by Paulo Pinto, who, incidentally, extends to the entire community of users and customers. Proof of this is the 2048bits encryption that protects all communications and the detailed reports of each session (including video recordings of sessions). “BeAnywhere Support Express is certainly a recommended brand,” concludes Paulo Pinto.


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