Calling Cards whenever you need

Calling Cards whenever you need

With BeAnywhere Calling Cards, your company will be the one any potential customer will call in moments of need.
The Calling Cards are always available to be dropped on a client’s computer. From that moment on, they will be there, ready to be clicked on and able to help a client whenever necessary.

To begin with, the technician just needs to create a download link from which the client will transfer the small file; the client only needs to follow this link and install the application on his workstation. As simple as that!

Using Calling Cards has a ton of benefits: the first one is the opportunity of using it at any time, from anywhere, wherever the user needs to access a remote support assistance. This feature alone opens an array of possibilities, like happy-hours (where the prices are lower) or special campaigns or even offerings (imagine a service where you add a free half-hour of support that the client can take advantage at any time).

As a technician, or manager, or business owner, you can choose the session time available in minutes, hours or days. You have the power of decision! And then you can charge it for how much you want. Obviously, this feature has the main goal to simplify the support process and improve customer satisfaction. And also your profit.

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