Calling Cards: a business opportunity

Calling Cards: a business opportunity

Calling Cards are not new to BeAnywhere Support Express, but can be much more than just another way to request remote support. A calling card is an advanced tool that can be sold individually to any client, enabling him the right to receive remote support at any given time.

The Calling Cards feature enables a level of versatility that allows you to establish its usage to the minute. A tech can determine the session time available through that calling Card, in minutes, hours or days. Or even establishing an infinite time. Furthermore, a Calling Card expiration date can equally be determined in the exact same basis. This provides an invaluable market opportunity, enabling, for instance, the definition of special promotions or the offer of different remote support products, simply because a Calling Card or a batch of Calling Cards can be sold to a client according to his own personal needs.

Obviously, like a famous super hero knows, this power also brings big responsibilities to all techs out there. Calling Cards demand that technicians should be prepared to assist clients whenever a remote support session is required. For instance, if a client has a calling card without any circumstantial details, he will be expecting an immediate response to his support request. No matter what hour or day he clicks that button, you should be there to answer the call. And that happens as well for a client that purchases a calling card with specific details.

From a business point of view, this feature can be extremely profitable. Since Calling Cards can be purchased before an actual remote session is provided, an income flow prior to the actual remote support activity is guaranteed.

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