That’s the word many would use to describe Tech Support, while others avoid it like the plague itself. Severe depressions, hair ripping, marriages destroyed and grown man crying, all for what this job has put them through.

Well, I might be overreacting a bit (am I?), but even if I’m not, the truth is that there is a positive side to it, a self-rewarding side, even though it sometimes gets overshadowed by all the nagging and complaining about that thing that just won’t work.

Only they who have battled with an unsolvable technical problem can understand the satisfaction one gets when it all falls into place after the “Eureka” moment; when you finally find the cause of the “mystery” that was unsettling your client; or when a client commends your professionalism. And from now and then, the pleasure of assisting an angry client, that starts by describing an “extremely serious” problem at the same time you’re smiling in anticipation, already knowing the answer he is looking for. He then calms down and everything is peaceful again – that’s bliss.

Then you decide it’s time to call the developers and ask them to find new bugs, just to keep it challenging (just kidding!).

Now in a more serious note, when it comes to BeAnywhere’s Remote Support, I must add the experience of working with a brand that is having a significant growth globally, what allows me to relate with people from different cultures and realities every day and directly contribute to the improvement of our product that is of great value to our clients. Working besides an enthusiastic, dynamic and motivated team just makes is that much better.

So can we call it boring? No, not at all.

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