Better monitored than sorry

Better monitored than sorry

Keeping an entire infrastructure centrally monitored (or just servers and critical workstations) avoids disasters and reduces interventions times. Money in the pocket.
In the midst of an economic recession, efficiency values, conceptually accepted as the time, the effort and/or the cost used in the completion of a particular task or purpose, are now even more critical for a company survival. Being a broken freezer away from bankruptcy or system failure or business discontinuity makes it fundamental to continue low cost and high productivity practices.

As any modern company will know, despite its size, server downtime and its high associated costs impact both productivity and ROI. There is a well known sentence in the IT world that says that there are only two kinds of hardware, the one that already has malfunctioned and the one that will malfunction. So problems will happen, no way around it. But being ready, having critical servers and workstations on close attention, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, are practices that could first prevent major disasters, and second minimize the intervention times.

Money and time saved, are money and time earned. Could RMM tools be the next big thing for remote support providers?


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