Being an Admin Area Wizard

Being an Admin Area Wizard

Let yourself be welcomed by the Admin Area Startup Wizard and rapidly edit your account the way you want. A couple of minutes is all you need to be ready to start providing your own remote support service!
When accessing the Admin Area for the first time, a Wizard window will pop up, welcoming remote support managers to this web based BeAnywhere Support Express back office. This assistant helps Administrators to setup some important features about his account. Note that the Wizard window can be accessed at anytime, not just automatically in the first visit, through the link placed on the right side of the Admin Area homepage, where it reads Startup Wizard.

The Wizard enables some profile editing, particularly elements that will be visible to remote support customers, such as the identification of the remote desktop administrator or the logo of the represented company, in order to reinforce brand awareness.

One can also setup the Initial Form, which is the first thing customers see before they submit a remote support request to an IT Support technician. To start, it is possible to enable or disable this Form. This options window also allows the definition of how much time the client is granted to submit the requested information, like name and problem description. The technician can also choose to reset the timer whenever the customer types or clicks on the form, thus making it more comfortable for the user to type whatever he wants with no extra time pressure.

Other possibility for the IT Support technicians is the setting up of the exclusive link from which customers can immediately start a remote desktop session. Adding anything to this URL makes it easier to remember and also reinforces the awareness of your brand.

Thanks to integration options, customers can send a remote support request directly from the company website, all that is needed is to place a button on the desired page. The button image can be customized to the likes of the company, and that is another of the possibilities offered by the wizard.

To, once again, reinforce brand awareness, BeAnywhere allows you to choose a prefix to add to Calling Cards, which will identify the Calling Card as your own. And that is it, when you reach the Conclusion tab you are qualified to start providing remote support, but please take a couple of extra minutes to check all of the other Admin Area configuration and management options.

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