BeAnywhere The Remote Support Software

BeAnywhere The Remote Support Software

Eli the Computer Guy has recently reviewed BeAnywhere Support Express. He is one of those Computer Technicians who actually has a life. And a crazy one too! We have been fans for several years now, what made this review even more relevant for everyone.

He was able to translate into simple concepts all the features added to BASE through the course of time. It’s not that we don’t believe in our product, but it is always nice to hear such feedback from a guy known by his “ability” to find the bad side of everything. Well, he didn’t found ours – maybe because there isn’t any…

So one of the things that meant a lot in everything Eli said was that “What’s nice with BeAnywhere is that they [he means us] give you a full-fledge system, to actually be able to run a Remote Support operation”. We must say that that is all we ever wanted the product to be; we focus on remote control features, naturally, but we want to create a perfected business system that helps business owners, not only in the technical aspects but also in the business administration side of it.

The main features he really was into were:
– Unattended Remote Support
– Support Tickets
– Administration Features (Console Back End Office)
– Session Transfer
– Calling Cards
– Support Multi-monitor

But Eli did find it hard to locate the Mac Version. So here are the directions for those of you who share the same problem: just give your client a Pin Code and direct him to (or to any of the other customized URLs you use) and let him know to select the”Mac Version” tab. That should do it!

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