Bad Poodle!

Bad Poodle!

These last days have been hectic, with security breaches constantly making the news and vulnerabilities shooting out from everywhere.
The last publicly reported vulnerability was discovered by Google and, as funny as it may sound, was named POODLE. This vulnerability concerns the SSLv3 encryption algorithm still broadly used throughout the Web, which allows an attacker to intercept and decode encrypted data exchanged between two parties.

The outcome from such security vulnerability can result on the inadvertent access of online services (home banking, for example) or on the interception of privileged information exchanged during that one Web session.

To those who share online content, it is advisable to reconfigure all Web servers in order to replace the SSL protocol usage by the TLS encryption protocol. From a user’s stand point the browsers should be configured to use only TLS.

At BeAnywhere we’ve already updated our servers to use only the TLS, so that our clients and users can keep using our tools with total safety.

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