Auditing devices

Auditing devices

Auditing and reporting tools are becoming “must haves” of any remote solution. Providing support is more than assisting clients with a problem; having a rigorously controlled system is the way to really save time and money.

The inSight Lite Edition allows the auditing of one or more devices. As a result, this feature presents a lot of benefits. For instance, it allows the reception of detailed reports about the activities performed in the designated devices, as well as detailed information about those same devices.

It’s really simple to start an audit. In admin area, you just need to click on the Reports button and then in Audit Devices. Through this feature you can choose one or multiple machines inside each group. After choosing the computers, you just need to press the Audit option. When a new window arises you can choose what kind of report you want to create and then type the destination e-mail address. You control everything.

It’s as easy as all the other reports created by BeAnywhere and it works in the same way – a link will be sent by e-mail.

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