As personal as it gets

As personal as it gets

We’ve talked about how to use BeAnywhere Support Express to your clients’ advantage, since that’s the purpose of your work and ours. There is a lot of buzz around clients’ feedback and integrating it into the solution, so feel free to push our buttons and demand that kind of service.
As a result, we aim to be as prepared as possible by predicting different scenariosdifferent scenarios and then projecting a way of dealing with them into the solution that then goes off to other businesses, as we have previously discussed in relation to the system shell. We are privileged enough to be able to harness each subscription with free updates, separating ourselves from the “one package, one service” business model.

Lets’ get this straight then

So now, we translate that same philosophy into the two different ways of allowing a client to start a remote support session. In the Console you’ll find two options meant to launch sessions – New Session and Calling Cards -, each one holding two different session “triggers”:

1.New Session – Pin Code and Support link
2.Calling Card – Calling Card ID and Calling Card Link

The “Pin Code” and the “Calling Card ID” consist of a sequence of numbers, whilst the “Support link” and the “Calling Card Link” are… well, links. For example, when providing phone tech support, it’s much easier to provide the numeral sequence to the client, instead of spelling a whole link, letter by letter (so that should ease your pain). In the other hand, if you’re working through e-mail or chat, it is much easier to copy-past the link and instruct the client to introduce it on his browser. So there you go, two different scenarios covered.

Now, the tricky part is really answering the question: Why New Sessions and Calling Cards? Because they have nothing in common. Well, that’s a bit of an overstatement, but we will get into that whole scenario specification thing some other day.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions you would like to see answered, please let us know at our Facebook Page (See? We do enjoy feedback!)

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