Agent Security Options

Agent Security Options

When the client installs the Agent in the remote computer he has the chance to set different type of security levels. Next we’ll show you the several options available.

1 – Go to “Security” in the Agent window.


2 – Choose the method “BeAnywhere Password” and then insert the password. Press APPLY when done.


3 – Next time you connect to the machine, you’ll need to enter the previous configured password. Press OK to enter the session.


4 – Now we’ll login with a Windows Account. You can also check the option to enable an authentication with a non adminstrative account.


5 – You’ll need to enter your Windows credentials when you connect to the remote machine. Press Ok afterwards.


6 – Finally we’ll show you how to activate the option that enables the acceptation of the local support request. Select the box and press APPLY.


7 – The technician will see the information that the connection is waiting approval from the remote machine.


8 – Now the client will have to click YES in the remote computer to allow the request to be approved and the connection established.


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