Admin Area: Integration forms

Admin Area: Integration forms

BeAnywhere Admin Area provides many different ways to integrate remote desktop technicians, allowing a more unified experience to every client.
BeAnywhere can be easily integrated in a form of a support request button placed in your website. You’ll just need to copy the code provided in the Admin Area and paste it to your website’s code.

Another possibility is the use of APIs. This option allows you start a new session without having to use the console. You can take advantage of an API that generates remote desktop sessions from outside the tech console (from your CRM software, for instance) or even built-in the Calling Card feature directly in your website. Once again, BeAnywhere combines itself entirely with all your company tools, making it very simple and effective to manage.

You can also define Exclusive Links – those are just like a regular support links, but as a technician you can add your own company name to the URL (making your brand name more memorable) and even direct them to specific departments.

Another possibility is the Proxy Server, which enables you to reach clients without direct Internet connection. Like everything else, the setup of this feature is quite simple – you just need to use de Download button we provide you and follow a simple set of rules. And if any doubt arises, there’s a quick channel of communication that allows you to establishing a chat conversation with a client, even before the actual remote desktop session takes place.

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