Account Manager: a Daily Challenge

Account Manager: a Daily Challenge

The daily life of an Account Manager can be indeed stressing, due to the eternal challenge of getting results. All that it takes is motivation and facing each day as if it were a new found mission!
Now here I am, writing my first testimonial as a BeAnywhere Account Manager. It was a month ago, precisely, that I started this new adventure, still oblivious to what I would have coming my way. After the short period of time that has gone by, I can only state that the challenge still remains. The goals don’t cease from ending now that, with the unveiling of new days, we are shipped off to conquer experience and become even more savvies, ambitioning to domain new turfs and let no opportunities pass us by!

One of the most tiring and, at the same time, enriching tasks of an Account Manager is to validate new markets and clients, engaging in a truly dynamic and fun process, even when things get difficult. The pressure to close new deals, with those who find our solutions as delightful as we, arrives as daily food for the vendor’s soul, pushing us to strive higher and better. However, it is not always easy to cope instinctively with the surprising reactions of those on the other side of the world, to whom I felt compelled to expose BeAnywhere’s multiple benefits.

Just like in any other business, where one must reach to other people, we sometimes find some connections to be a bit more excited than others… But despite the scenarios, our mission is to let people know what our product can deliver at a professional level and just let it become obvious to them during a trial period. Not an easy task! Even with the most complacent contacts the obstacles arise due to the fear of the unknown and apprehension sentiments. Nevertheless, we build ourselves up with perseverance and, especially, motivation! It is only through these two important sales attributes that we will achieve success.

Each day presents a new challenge, with situations filled up with doubt and, at the same time, potential happiness. The future is coincidentally perceived as uncertain, but as long as we keep focusing on the time being, we will be capable of keeping efficient work flows and, in all truth, live out the expression Carpe Diem.

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