A word takes you far

A word takes you far

With VOiP integration, the interaction between clients and technicians becomes swifter and the problem resolution process is concluded even faster than ever before.
BeAnywhere Support Express provides integrated VOiP audio communication between technicians and customers, outside or during a remote support session. Just plug in a headset into your computer and you are ready to go. Just like any other features, as chat or remote keyboard and mouse control, VoIP is also available to any technician. If necessary, it is even possible to perform conference calls between multiple IT Support technicians and the customer, making the problem resolution process more swift and effective. Because two heads think better than one.

Time is money, we are all aware of that. While it is still possible to use the chat feature, with VoIP support any occurrence can be handled in a much easier and comfortable way. Use VoIP to tell your customers what you are doing on the remote computer and let them explain what the problem is. Diagnosing becomes even faster and the customer service standards grow naturally.

VOiP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and it is a great technology that allows making calls without using regular telephones, thus helping companies to reduce expenses. Phone calls are carried over an IP data network, whether on the Internet or an internal network. By using their own networks, companies handle security and have more control in guaranteeing that voice quality is as good as, or better, than traditional telephone systems, allowing to provide a better service overall. There are many ways of using VOiP. It all depends on where and how you will be making the calls. It could be from home, at work, in your corporate network or during a travel. Wherever you may be, BeAnywhere will be there to assist you.

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