A Sales Rep Is Everywhere

A Sales Rep Is Everywhere

We’re called BeAnywhere, but in fact we are everywhere. From Vancouver to Sidney, through São Paulo to Paris. We are “everywhere” so that you can be “anywhere”.
From the smallest SME to some great tech Giants. We can be a remote tech support software in a company deep into the United States or a Help Desk solution in London; the chosen tool by a technician, with decades of experience in IT under his belt, or the one used by the junior technician who is just starting to enter the tech workforce.

In Lisbon’s Offices the tech staff takes on the first customer of the day. Well, not a customer yet, but already knows the BeAnywhere lingo. He’s browsing through the Admin Area and wishes to know more about integration options. He’s curious about APIs, since he too is a software developer. At the end, he lets us know about wants and wishes in the form of a suggestion; he heard that they are always taken into account.

While this all happens, in the Sales Department the phone rings and in the other side is a client calling from Her Majesty’s domains. No, he’s not trying to order Port, instead he’s looking for a custom-made proposal. His company has grown, as well as their licensing needs. So they reach out to the usual suspects, for a crime that will only benefit everyone.

Next up, we cross the Channel down to the French distributor, who’s asking for specific marketing material for the summer campaign. He takes the opportunity to give us some feedback on the Bastille Day Event.

In Sidney the day is coming to an end, but the market keeps on moving. A virus outbreak brings a restless client to reach out to us, searching for some kind of answer for such tragic event. The Panic Button’s got this: during the next few hours he’ll have his whole technic team working without restrictions, with limited licenses and features.

When we look back there’s no memory of the difficulties, the stress or even the adversities overcomed, only this pleasant and unexplainable feeling of a day spent helping someone. We helped reaching goals, overcoming obstacles and leveraging businesses. Our main concern is indeed our clients and their satisfaction.

BeAnywhere is not a remote support software developer, no. We make available a tool for the client to use, to custom-fit to his needs and fully integrate with his business and at the end boost his results. BeAnywhere is more than a software provider in the IT Market. We are a true business partner.

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