3 Gardening Tips from my Grandma, applied to Businesses

3 Gardening Tips from my Grandma, applied to Businesses

Ever since I was a little boy, my grandma took every chance she could find to teach me a lesson. I thank her for that, every day of my life.
She believed that nothing could ever come easy. Life never just handed it out to her, she had no faith in luck. For her, the only time the phrase “everything happens for a reason” made sense was if that reason was “effort”. But she didn’t talk about this need to suffer in exchange of happiness with a grudge for life, or as an inevitable destine.

When we went on walks through her garden, grandma would show me her flowers, in all their beauty and colorful magnificence, saying: “Look around child. It takes a lot effort for the garden to look as beautiful and vibrant as it does! You need to get the ground ready for planting, and then water the seed regularly, prune everything, and control the weeds… Behind this landscape there is a whole lot of work!”.

A seed doesn’t bloom in a blink of an eye. First, you have to wait patiently for it to turn into a grown blossomed flower, much like anything else in life. That’s what I keep in mind, every day in my personal life, but mainly in my professional one:

1. “No pain, no gain”.
Pick the phone up, make the call and put it down. Start again and make another call. It seems easy, doesn’t it? It is. Making calls is easy. The hard part is knowing to whom you are talking, making sure that you’re targeting a company willing to use your solution (a remote¬†support solution, in my case), and, most importantly, that your solution is prepared to give them what they need.

2. Make sure that the plant will bloom by taking good care of her.
The truth is that we always find someone who needs our services and is ready to make the due payment to get them. But even after that first annual payment, all we have is a seed that has been planted, and needs food to grow, or else won’t make it. Make sure that your new client has everything he needs to grow and blossom alongside you; water him like you would water a plant.

3. A garden without healthy plants in not a garden. Make sure you’re doing everything within your reach to transform your company into your ideal garden. Take care of the flowers, look for the right place to plant new seeds and make sure that they have enough space to grow.

And don’t worry; grandma assures you that your efforts won’t be in vain, when they’re sincere.

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