The Support Express Management Area allows you to access all the information sent for the clients, so you can see in a very fast way the satisfaction degree. 1 – Go to Management > Surveys 2 – Choose one of your surveys. 3 – Now press “Show Report”. 4 – Here you have a global panorama of all the answers to your survey. You can print all the informaiton or save in PDF. 5 – If you want, you can see each of the answers given by your clients. Go to Reports – Surveys. 6 – Now select the survey. 7 – Here you canRead More →

Sometimes you’re at home and you need to send an important document from your office. Create a end user profile so your client can have access to the office’s computer. 1 – In the Administration Area, click in a technician and in identification choose the option “This user is a client” and save the changes. 2 – In the “Computers” tab, press “Add” and choose the computers you want to give access. Save the changes. 3 – Now go to . Click “Enter” and choose End User. 4 – Introduce the End User credentials and press “Login”. 5 – To access remotely to theRead More →

Within two months of the last release, we’ve launched a new version of BeAnywhere Support Express (6.00.09). Check the news and improvements of this service. 1 – Now you can click with the middle mouse button or use the CTRL Clic directly in a machine, to start the support session. 2 – Once you click, the connection will be established and you can enter in the remote machine. 3 – You can also generate MAC Agent instalator, directly from the Technical Console. Press “Add Computer”. 4 – Select the Device Type and press Generate Link. 5 – If you choose Microsoft Windows, the generated linkRead More →

Sometimes we need to record support sessions for future use. In the Administration Area you can see all the information and watch all the recorded sessions. 1 – In the Administration Area, go to Reports > Session History. 2 – Select one of the recorded sessions. It will open a new session page. 3 – Now click on the “Video” tab. 4 – To watch a session you just need to click on the video preview. 5 – The recording visualizer will appear. It has all the controls that you need. 6 – You can also save the video to watch it later. Press SAVE.Read More →

Support Express allows you to organize the several computers that you support in a simple way. Today we’ll learn how to create several computer groups directly from the Technical Console. 1 – Go to the console and open “My Computers”. 2 – In the white area, click with the right mouse button. 3 – Now click on “New Group”. 4 – Give a name to the group and press OK. 5 – After creating the group, you can change its name, move it or remove it easily.Read More →

With Support Express you have the possibility to create Calling Cards that can be used to send to your clients and have even more granularity in the support requests. 1 – Go to the Administration Area and press “Management > Calling Cards”. 2 – Select the Calling Cards group. 3 – Now press Generate/Edit. 4 – Choose the duration, expiration date, code numbers that you want to create and press Generate. You’ve just created new codes. 5 – You can also go to the Technical Console and generate a code from there. Press “New Calling Card” and then Generate. 6 – The generated code canRead More →