With BeAnywhere Support Express you can set warnings to be seen when you receive support. You can set an URL to show up when the time is exceeded or when the date is expired. 1 – In the Admin Area, go to Management and select Warnings. 2 – In the Calling Cards tab you can set the conditions which the URL will be seen. Write the URL and SAVE. 3 – The changes have been saved with sucess. You can close the window. 4 – Your client will be informed when the time was exceeded and will see the choosed URL. 5 – On theRead More →

With BeAnywhere Support Express you can set warnings to help your client understand what is going on during the support experience. Learn how to set an URL to be shown when the Applet closes. 1 – Go to Management and select Warnings. 2 – In the Applet Closed tab, write the desired URL (don’t forget the “http://”). You can decide if the URL will be presented everytime or just when the clients closes the session without intention. Enable the box and save the changes. 3 – Now that the information has been saved with sucess you can close the window and test the URL. 4Read More →

Check the system information where you’re working on when you start a supporting session and learn how to export this information. 1 – Start a supporting session in the console. 2 – Go to “Dashboard” in the “System Info” tab. 3 – Press the Export icon when the information of the remote machine shows up. 4 – Save the .CSV file exported and open it. 5 – This is how it looks when opened. You can edit or manage the information as you like.Read More →

After learning how to give support to MAC computers, today we’ll learn the installation process of a BeAnywhere agent in a OS X machine. 1 – Go to startcontrol.com and press “Install Agent”. 2 – Go to Downloads and select the Agent icon. 3 – Please accept the BeAnywhere terms and press “Next”. 4 – Go to the Console and select “My Computers” tab and “Add Computer”. 5 – Enter the necessary data and press “Generate Link”. 6 – Save the Pin Code and pass it to your client. 7 – Now you just need to introduce the generated PIN in the Console and pressRead More →

BeAnywhere Support Express allows you to give support to Mac Computers, with just a little differences from Windows. We’ll provide you the explanation. 1 – Guide your client to startcontrol.com and press “Download”. 2 – After downloading go to Downloads and open the MAC Applet. 3 – Sometimes a window will appear warning that the application will be executed. Press “Open”. 4 – Go to the Console and press “Start New Session”. 5 – Keep the Generated Pin and pass it to your client. 6 – Now you just need to introduce the Generated Pin in the MAC Applet and all the necessary data. PressRead More →

When the client installs the Agent in the remote computer he has the chance to set different type of security levels. Next we’ll show you the several options available. 1 – Go to “Security” in the Agent window. 2 – Choose the method “BeAnywhere Password” and then insert the password. Press APPLY when done. 3 – Next time you connect to the machine, you’ll need to enter the previous configured password. Press OK to enter the session. 4 – Now we’ll login with a Windows Account. You can also check the option to enable an authentication with a non adminstrative account. 5 – You’ll needRead More →

BeAnywhere allows you to change the standard configurations to adapt every technician to their working method. This configurations can be changed in the Administrative Area. 1 – Go to Management > Technicians. 2 – Select the desired technician. 3 – Go to the “Default Settings” tab. 4 – Choose which requests the technician will receive. 5 – Define the queue where the support requests should be generated to. 6 – Now you’ll just need to configure the saving sessions. 7 – When everything’s done, don’t forget to save and it’s done!Read More →

To access the RDP feature in session, you need to enable the option in the remote computer Agent and then you just need to connect to that computer and choose the RDP option. Learn how to. 1 – In the remote machine, click with the right mouse button on the BeAnywhere Agent icon. 2 – Click in Restore. 3 – Check if the lock is open. If not, click to open it. 4 – Go to “Settings”. 5 – Check the option “Enable RDP Tunneling”. 6 – The first time, a window will popup. You can disable it by checking the designated box. Press OKRead More →

Improve your management skills learning how to configure the Support Tickets. Next we’ll show you all the options of this service. 1 – In the Administration Area, go to MANAGEMENT > Tickets 2 – Leave an introduction note for the Ticket and Save it. 3 – In User Content, you can include questions for the clients. 4 – In the Forwarding tab, you can define which department or technician will receive the supporting request. 5 – Now you just need to set the Notifications. There are notifications available for the technician and for the Ticket creator. It depends on the Ticket actions, but also theRead More →

Improve your support management learning how to create Support Tickets directly from your Console. 1 – Open the Console and press “MY COMPUTERS”. 2 – With the right mouse button select one of the installed machines. Afterwards, press “Create Support Ticket”. 3 – A Ticket template will pop-up. Fill in the information and press “CREATE TICKET”. 4 – Next you’ll receive a notification that your message was successfully sent. 5 – Go to “Inbox” in the Console and select the created Ticket. Finally, you can add information or forward the request for a specific department or technician.Read More →