BeAnywhere Support Express comes to you this month with a brand new treat for the whole team: a Dashboard that gives your helpdesk a live overview over their performance and allows you to deliver an optimized service to customers. After all, you wouldn’t know how fast (or slow) you’re driving without the speedometer, right? Work together and sort out how fast you’re going, how fast you should go, what’s damaging your performance and what can be done to fix it through this one centralized dada feed. To access Support Express’s own Kiosk Mode, login to you Admin Area (through our website or through the Console)Read More →

If you’re a BeAnywhere Support Express user, you can also use basic monitoring features from inSight Lite module. You just need an active license in a remote machine. 1 – First you need to activate the monitoring feature in the remote device. Go to Admin Area > Management > My Computers > 1. Computers List. 2 – Afterwards, select a computer and enable the option “Activate monitoring” in the General tab. Press “SAVE” when done. 3 – Go to Management > Scripts > 1. Repository and click “Add Script”. 4 – Set the name of the Script, a little description an enable it as active.Read More →

Today we’ll show you some more Console options, so you can configure it in a way you can improve your work. 1 – Go to the Console and press “Show tray notification on new request”. 2 – Now, whenever you receive a support request, a new window will popup so you don’t lost any request. 3 – Go to the Console and check “Comfirm before accepting support requests”. 4 – Whenever you accept a request, a confirmation message will popup. 5 – Go to the Console and select “Show log folder”. 6 – In this folder you%u2019ll find all the log files that the ConsoleRead More →

Christmas is coming, and we at BeAnywhere also want to give you a small gift: a new version of Support Express! This is once more the culmination of several months of beta testing with our user community, listening to the feedback from our clients and never giving up when facing seemly impossible tasks. We increased the compatibility and performance in this version, for both Windows and Mac components, and we are pleased to announce that our Mac console has also reached the end of its beta process, and it is now on Version 1. We still have a lot of ground to cover, but, asRead More →

As we saw in the last week, there are several options that could be changed in the Techincal Console. You can set an automatic login, you can change the existed password or you can even check the BeAnywhere connection. 1 – In the Console, click in Options and press “Sign me in automatically”. 2 – Now, every time you connect to the Console, the login will be automatic. 3 – To change a password, click in “Options: Change the password”. 4 – Now you only have to introduce the new password and confirm. After that click OK and you now have a new password. 5Read More →

One of BeAnywhere inSight’s – Remote Management and Monitoring software – premises is to make it easier for you when managing your IT park machines. InSight offers you shortcuts in the shape of features that allow you to execute all the necessary tasks in a fast and effective way. Do you want to quickly apply a monitoring policy? Or control a Windows service behavior? Piece of cake… Take a look at how to proceed: 1. In “Devices” click on the remote device to where you wish to deploy a policy: 2. Then, go to the “System” tab and click on Services: 3. In order toRead More →

You can configure the Console the way you want. Learn how to change its options and set others as predefined so you can use this tool the best way. 1 – In the Console, go to Options. 2 – Here we’ll show you how to change the color definitions. Click in Default Color Settings for Remote Desktop. 3 – Now choose the range color as the example “Low Color”. 4 – If you enable the option “Remember chosen Color Settings for each Agent”, each agent will save the chosen settings every time you connect to that machine. The settings will be the one that youRead More →

Support Express is an advanced and complete remote tool and allows you to export the information for future use. Learn how to export the sessions list, using the Admin Area. 1 – Go to Reports and press Session History. 2 – Here you’ll find a complete list of the sessions done. Press the SEARCH button. 3 – You can set the search details, like date, technician, etc. Press SEARCH when done. 4 – With the search filter active, press EXPORT. 5 – After clicking in Export, you’ll be notified if you want to include the Chat information within the file to export. Click YES orRead More →

Different individuals have different needs, much like any computer that can (and should) have its own remote access configurations, in order to make life easier for support techs. And that is why this possibility was added to Support Express, whether we’re talking about Agents already installed or up for installation. Default Admin Area Agent Settings: 1. Click on “Profile> Agent Settings”: 2. Enable the default settings and click “Save”: 3. Choose the settings according to your needs, as well as the remote access Agent’s security specifications and click on “Save”: Now these will be your default setting for any new Agent installation. This process canRead More →

Today we’ll address the second part of Support Express’s Integration options tutorial. Discover the ability to integrate your technical support services with your website, either through PIN codes or direct links to applet downloads. Discover also how to use the Web Chat tool that allows customers to directly contact specific technicians 1. Go to “Profile > Integration”: 2. Then click on “4. Exclusive Link”.Customize the name of the exclusive link that will be shown to your clients, as well as the direct applet download URL. Don’t forget to save the changes made: 3. Still in the “Integration” area, go to “6. Webchat”: Now choose theRead More →