We live in a world increasingly connected, where the so-called “smart devices” assume a leading role in the day-to-day lives of so many people. Even in societies where the purchase power is still much smaller than that those of richer countries, smartphones and tablets have had an impressive growth and recent efforts by Google to increase its presence in emerging markets such as India, are just an example of factors that tend to accelerate this trend. Recently the media were flooded with stories about celebrities who saw their intimate photos published on the Internet. This happened because their mobile devices automatically synchronized its contents toRead More →

Anyone who has worked as a support tech has met the client that’s constantly forgetting something. As soon as they step through the door: “Shoot… I forgot that really really really important document”. When despair sets in guess who’s phone starts ringing: Yes, that’s your Star Wars ringtone. Since our job at BeAnywhere is to create solutions, that’s what we came here to present you with: a solution not only for you but for your client also. Create an End-User profile following these simple steps and in a matter of minutes you will not only have a happy customer, but a more independent one also.1.Read More →

Two months after the last version, BeAnywhere brings you a new BETA of Support Express, with a ton of enhancements and completely new features, from Windows to Mac. This version will replace the former 5.95 BETA completely and should be considered the production release from now on. Windows Console/Viewer: NEW! Session Pause on idle timeout – In order to assure the compliance with the PCI DSS standards for remote access solutions, we have added the possibility to define a maximum idle time for connected sessions, after which the session will be automatically paused. You can enable and configure this feature in the Admin Area, underRead More →