We have been getting a few inquiries from users around the world about the recently unveiled Heartbleed security issue, and if the somewhat extreme measures needed by some of our competitors to keep their customers safe from it are also needed with BeAnywhere, so we decided to explain what consequences this issue has to our community: – We do not use SSL on our user components (Agents, Applets and Consoles) in a way that could be affected by this bug. You do not need to change your passwords or update your agents because of this bug (but is advisable to do so regularly); – OurRead More →

Hello everyone! We are launching another exciting update to everybody’s best remote support platform. This is already the second public version of BeAnywhere Support Express since the beginning of the year, which shows our commitment with our always active user community. More news are coming in the next weeks, not only about Support Express, so stay tuned! Features CONSOLE/VIEWER NEW! Two Factor Authentication. Following the new security policies we have been implementing since the beginning of the year to enforce good security practices in the use of our platform, now you can also protect the login of your tech accounts with a new layer ofRead More →