Christmas reversed reads Samtsirhc. This makes the whole “figuring out the true meaning of the season” pretty obvious, doesn’t it? The answer was there the entire time! Also – and I bet that, by now, each of you has already figured this out – if one scrambles the letters from Christmas, one gets “It’s March”. So why do we celebrate it in December?? It’s all a lie, man! OK, there’s an “S” missing in that anagram. So close… Forget about it, then. Yes, you’re right: Christmas times are weird times for marketers. Suddenly, all content needs to lit up like Christmas trees do and chantRead More →

Not even 30 days have passed since the last release and already we are launching a new Support Express. Codename? BASE 5.60 RC2. In this BeAnywhere version bugs have been corrected, unnecessary dependencies have been eliminated and the interface has been visually improved (even more). As always, to enjoy the new BASE, just follow two simple steps: 1. Hit the download button at the bottom of the page; 2. Wire us the usual zero cents. Console/Viewer/Agent: UPDATED! Eliminated a dependency on VC++ 2005 Runtime – One of BASE’s components was unnecessarily depending on a Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime. Most of the devices have this componentRead More →

The bread and butter of an ordinary sales man comes down to just one thing: Goals. They are as much desired as they are feared, keeping sales men on top of their game. Nonetheless, the alchemist formula for the perfect sales Master demands certain ingredients to be added to the mix, without which it wouldn’t be possible to achieve the oh so precious Goal. To turn a scrappy metal into money making Gold, one must gather these four distinct characteristics: astuteness, determination, focus and organization. Since the first two are inherent to the individual himself and could hardly be taught, in this article I willRead More →

Changes in the modern corporative thought are transforming companies and the way they perceive work flows, by merging internal organisms that should be complementary, such as management and the actual service providers. The goal here is to extinguish all the friction that may be getting in the way of productivity. In Remote Support businesses that goal is reached through the combination of business administration options, remote access tools and system monitoring tools. It’s as if they were all appropriately stored in one organized tool box: each one in its own space, but all complementing each other. Advantages for technicians Among all the advantages, cutting backRead More →